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We offer our customers 2 options for moving estimates. Either as an hourly rate or guaranteed price quotes. We realize you have many options when choosing a mover, because we know we are the best in the business we recommend you get a minimum of three estimates.  If you find someone who can beat our price we will meet it – GUARANTEED!

Professional Moving Company in Langley

We are proud of the professionalism of all of our movers. Our team of movers are fully trained with the techniques that gave us the reputation as a premier moving company in British Columbia.  Our customers always come first and first impressions are key, all of our movers have a Crescent Moving and Storage Uniform and each has a minimum of 3 years industry experience.  Many of our movers have been with our company for over 15 years!   The difference between us and our competitors is our customer focus and professionalism.  Many companies often hire inexperienced movers or contract labour employees. The contract employees are not committed to a company and its reputation, they don’t represent themselves as professionals.  It is just a paycheck to them.  Every member of our moving team know that they represent Crescent and that means something!

Moving to Langley

Langley’s Top Recommended Moving Companies

Our Langley Movers have long been recognized as the most reliable moving company in British Columbia, our years in business are proof.

  • Experienced moving techniques treating your belongings with respect and care.
  • All movers are bonded and insured, so you know your belongings are safe.
  • No hidden fees or charges – FREE quotes.
  • No stress with guaranteed delivery times.
  • No need to purchase packing supplies – we use the packing materials that have been tested with our years of experience.
  • No need to pack – we label and pack to unpacking is a breeze.
  • All items are placed in the new home with your guidance to make unpacking a breeze.
  • We are organized and efficient!

Whether you are moving to Langley or across Canada, Crescent Moving and Storage is proud to offer reliable moving to all locations in the lower mainland at affordable rates.  Crescent Moving and Storage has testimonials dating back as far as 1980. Our customers have been referring us to their friends, neighbors and colleagues for over 30 years. Contact Us Today!


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